Post-29 confidence

The major gift of being over 29 is confidence.  The day after spending a couple hours moping about the cute guy who seemed really into me until he discovered a 5 year age gap, I sent him a 3 sentence email saying it was nice to meet him, and that I would like to be friends despite the age gap.  It’s great to realize that the wording doesn’t matter either way:  if he likes me, he’ll answer, and if he doesn’t like me, I couldn’t change his mind.
I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll end up at least with a friend. And if not, for some reason I don’t care such a great deal about it.

Update:  the guy wrote me exactly one sentence back.  “It was also a pleasure for me to meet an interesting and intelligent person such as yourself!”  Ouch!  Way to avoid the topic!  He doesn’t even want to be friends with me if I’m 5 years older!  


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